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Harris Auction

PO Box 11317

Prescott, AZ  86304



Harris Auction is a "full service" auction company that works for YOU!!


We have the expertise and sell all types of personal property.  We are the experts of the   "On site sale"  but we can transport and combine or feature your single  item or entire estate as well. We are a "Hand Shake" kind of company but in today's world we still do the paperwork. I would rather tear up a piece of paper and part friends than have you cuss me all over town. The only thing a Auctioneer truely sells is reputation.

Our job is not so much to know value as it is to attract the attendance of  two buyers who willing to pay that value.

We have been in Business for over 20 years. We are a "Full Service Company" and have sold everything from Fine Art Collections, Antiques, Collectibles,  Million Dollar Estates to the  Studio Apartment,  Domestic and Exotic Livestock, Large & Small Ranches, "Chickens to Bull Dozers", Cars, Trucks, Aircraft, Boats, Collector Cars, Firearms, Computer & Electronics, Construction & Heavy Equipment, Liquidation of Entire Businesses and Maximized Entire Households,  Local Government Surplus Material, Fiduciaries, Charity and Fund Raisers on and on.  The largest crowd we have ever had was  over 900 people in attendance and the largest sale we accomplished with 3 sale rings going all at once.

We have the experience to protect the Seller from the many pit falls and potential liabilities when liquidating a variety of assets. Every sale is unique, though we are "Magicians" we do not perform "Miracles". Like Wall Street Everything has  a risk when sold. It is all in the name brand, style, taste and color, and the current market trend and the advertising done properly. A general rule of thumb is "The better it is the more you make".

We sell everything from the single item to the entire estate. What we sell changes weekly and we only can sell what people have. We are a service, it is "Not our stuff we just sell it".

We hold a current Federal Firearms License as a service to our sellers and buyers to provide a legal means to receive, store, sell, ship and transfer ownership.

If you're a buyer or seller, we hope you will find our site of interest. Please view our upcoming sales. Thank you again for your visit. We hope to see you soon at one of our exciting sales.

Call us first for all your Personal, Professional, and Business Needs.

Ralph Harris - Auctioneer